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Moreška se u Korčuli ne propušta

Moreška must-see event in Korčula

What is Moreška? We can say that it is a lively tradition which Korčula has for a centuries. Moreška is a traditional sword dance. Dating back hundreds of years, the Moreška is an elaborate production involving two groups of dancers, engaging in a mock battle over the fate of a veiled young woman.

The Black King enters dragging the captured Bula maiden in chains. He tries to persuade her to respond to his advances, but she replies that she is in love with the White King. The two kings and their armies confront each other, and battle escalates from taunts, to the kings in battle, to both armies clashing, with a mixture of solos and varying rhythms through seven different dances. The Black soldiers are eventually surrounded and defeated, and the White King rescues the Bula. Performers must be native to Korčula, and local families take great pride in their participation.

This battle is much more then a folklore performance; it is part of Korčula's identity and a symbol of the Korčula struggle for freedom over the centuries. People from a island says that Moreška is way of life. It is a unique spectacle with full of energy, passion and sword sparks. Moreška is certainly experience you will remember for a long time.