Korčula Info
Korčula: Jedino mjesto na svijetu gdje se slavi doček pola Nove godine

Korčula: the only place in the world which celebrates Half New Year's Eve

While the rest of the world contemplates on how to properly celebrate New Year’s Eve once a year, our special, beautiful town of Korčula does not believe that is enough. Almost 20 years ago, people from Korčula started a tradition which, at its beginnings, resembled an inside joke and a well-organized, locals’ party. Today, it is one of the most important events visited by people from all over the world. 30 June has become a fun-filled celebration where we say goodbye to the first half of the year, and begin the second half in the most spectacular way. The celebration is organised by Carnival Group Bonkulovići, and the carnival includes people from all over the world who represent their towns and countries while dancing, singing and having a good time. If you have ever wished to live in a fantasy land filled with unusual creatures, shapes and colours, Korčula is the right place to make your childhood dreams come true. On this day you can become anything you want! Instead of salespeople or waiters, now you will be more likely to see magicians and clowns wandering the streets. From avatars, angels, dinosaurs, birds and robots to pirates, zombies, pilots, elves and many more. You can have a drink in almost any street (apéritifs, juices, home-made wine, draught beer, etc.) while the smell of barbecue will make your mouth water and make you want to get a delicious bite to eat. This is especially true if you have decided to welcome the second half of the year as, for example, a lion or a tiger, since your sense of smell and your appetite will be increased. Live music and famous performers on the main square along with a DJ on Trg pomirenja, also known as Spomenik, will make sure you have a great time. Everyone can enjoy in the tremendous amount of positive energy all around: from young children in their strollers to the elderly. They all have two things in common: smiles on their faces and a sense of joy all through the night.