Marco Polo

The great explorer of the Far East, skilled trader, the most famous world traveler and diplomat at the court of Kublai-Khan was born in Korčula in 1254th. He died in Venice in 1324th.Naval battle(1298.) in which the fleets of Genoa and Venice confronted near Korčula, is interesting because Marco Polo was arrested by Genoa army. In prison in Genoa, Marco Polo introduced the writer Rustichello from Pisa and shared his Asia travelling exipiances with him. Thus was created the travelogue of Marco Polo, known as the "Million".
It is known that a "Million" was a big boost to Christopher Columbus on his epic journey. With descriptions in the book, on the sidelines he recorded his observations, as reflected in the copy preserved in a museum in Seville.Million is one of the most famous and most translated works in general, intended to everyone, as Marco Polo in the prologue says: "Gentlemen of emperors and kings, dukes and marquis, earls, knights and barons and all others ...".

The fact that there was no battle at Korčula and Marco Polo's capture, probably Million would not have been written today, and existence and travels of Marco Polo would remain unknown.
Based on the life and work of Marco Polo and the historical facts, each year Korčula Tourist Board organizes a popular reconstruction by the name of "Historic battle of Marco Polo", which was first organized in 1998. within manifestation "Return in the era of Marco Polo" as a summary of its findings and perspectives on life in China as in Europe was not known.