Cultural resources

Korčula is perfectly planned medieval stone city. Streets are organized like fish-bone. East side is positioned to the east, and west side to the north-west, to avoid overheating and strong north or south wind impact. Korčula's cathedral is situated on the very top of the old town hill. City walls are sorrounding old town hill, and leaving two entries: West Sea gate and South Land gate. Dominant style is Gothic, specially growing faze - floral gothic style.
Korčula is rich in various cultural attractions, but in the tour trough the old town it is worth to visit: St. Mark's cathedral, City museum, Abbey treasury, church of All saints, St. Mihovil, St. Petar and Marco polo's house. Outside the old town church of St. Justine, monastery and church of St. Nikola, islands in Korčula's archipelago: Badija, Majsan and others. And also it is worth to see the oldest written monument of ancient Greeks "Lumbarajska psefizma" from 4th century B.C.